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Delay can be Deadly

Most persons having a heart attack wait too long to seek medical help–and that can be a fatal mistake. Patient delay rather than transport or hospital delay is the biggest cause of not getting rapid care for heart attacks. 

Some patients are more likely than others to delay. For instance, women, older persons, and minorities are more likely to delay getting help.

As a result, most heart attack victims wait 2 hours or more after their symptoms begin before they seek medical help. This delay can result in death or permanent heart damage – damage that can greatly reduce the ability to do everyday activities. 

People often take a wait-and-see approach, delaying because they:

 Do not understand the symptoms of a heart attack and think that what they are feeling is due to something else.
 Are afraid or unwilling to admit that their symptoms could be serious.
 Are embarrassed about "causing a scene," or going to the hospital and finding out it is a false alarm.
 Do not understand the importance of getting to the hospital right away.

If you have the warning signs of a heart attack or think you may possibly be having a heart attack, call 911 immediately. Do not delay!

 Uncertainty is Normal.  
 Delay Can Be Deadly
 Call 9-1-1


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